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Feature - What We Offer

With expertise in the custom software market, ADM can develop custom software solutions to support your management, measurement, and marketing processes.

We provide access to great talent at a manageable price and we create systems to reduce mundane tasks so your staff can focus on other things.

Rather than bringing on new staff, take advantage of our team and save on all the additional costs related to new personnel such as benefit and insurance.

We help our client's focus their resources on the goal at hand - the education of children, rather than the development of technology systems.

In today's busy world, efficiency is key. Finding ways to work smarter and not harder is an important part of company leadership’s goals.

Organizational structures that demand top productivity and have high expectations require tools and systems that allow everyone involved to reach their greatest potential.

Imagine the many manual processes your staff completes each day being reduced and simplified therefore gaining hours of time to focus more on the primary goals of the organization.

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About - What We Believe


Easing administrative processes with creative technologies, so our clients can focus on their mission.


To creative innovative technologies with our clients because we’re all in this together.

Services - Admissions and enrollment specific

Increase Inquiry Traffic with a Responsive Applicant Experience

Enrollment and Engagement

If your goal is to increase engagement and program utilization, our representatives will turn interested educators, parents, or students into enthusiastic participants or buyers.

Increased Market Penetration

If you want to expand an existing program from its installed customer base or introduce a product, service, or program into a new market, we will work with you collaboratively to support and expand your current sales approach.

Customer Feedback

To polish and improve your program, product, service or marketing, we gather critical customer feedback to help you build loyalty and expand your reach.

Our team - Expert Members

Is conformed by professionals, always willing to work for the benefit of our clients, backed up by a large experience in their fields.

Do you have an idea and need help to plan or improve a process or an initiative? We can support your project. We can assist you in developing a concept into a computer program for your school. We can help determine whether your idea is structurally feasible, and worthwhile for your budget.

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